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Media Partnership - Winter is coming: How to shield the most vulnerable and preserve the consensus on the war


Media Partnership - Winter is coming: How to shield the most vulnerable and preserve the consensus on the war

Watch the recording here

Some of Europe’s poorest countries and communities would be hardest hit by disruptions of Russian energy supplies. With a difficult winter ahead, Europe’s ability to redistribute costs equitably and to shield the most vulnerable will determine whether it can preserve social cohesion and the consensus on the war in Ukraine. It will also be a test case for its commitment to climate justice in the long run.

Which European countries and communities will be most affected by the deepening energy crisis and how well positioned are they to cope? What are the best approaches to mitigate this fallout in both the short and long term? A panel of experts will discuss policy options that meet the need for a principled foreign policy towards Russia, while upholding the EU’s commitment to equity and a just energy transition at home.

You can watch the recording of the first event of the series, “Fueling the War: Why Energy Sanctions Matter and How to Make Them Effective”, from 24 May 2022, here, and of the second event, “Accelerating the Green Transition in Europe: Life after Russian Fossil Fuels”, from 1 July 2022, on the EURACTIV events website.

Organised by: Open Society Foundations
Media Partner: EURACTIV



Brussels Network Office - International Press Centre
1 Bd Charlemagne // 2nd floor


Marc-Antoine Eyl-Mazzega
Director of the Center for Energy and Climate at Institut Français des Relations Internationales

Zeljko Jovanovic
Director of the Roma Initiatives Office

Olivia Lazard
Fellow at Carnegie Europe

Paula Pinho
Director of the Directorate for Just Transition, Consumers, Energy Efficiency, and Innovation at the European Commission Directorate-General for Energy

Martin Vladimirov
Director of the Energy and Climate Program at the Center for the Study of Democracy, in Bulgaria


James Kanter
Editor and Host of the EU Scream podcast


10:30 - 11:00 CET - Registration of in-person participants
11:00 - 12:15 CET - Panel discussion
Followed by a light networking lunch.


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