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Media Partnership - Ensuring Resilience in the European Energy Transition


Media Partnership - Ensuring Resilience in the European Energy Transition

Please note that this event is in-person only.

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Leading industry experts will debate a new comprehensive study by Frontier Economics, commissioned by Eurogas.

This insightful discussion will focus on the strategic use of renewable and low-carbon gases.

How vital are they to Europe’s ambition for a net-zero carbon future?

Key Highlights

• Study Overview: Understand key findings from the study, which builds on the ENTSOs’ TYNDP and expands with Frontier Economics’ cost-optimisation modelling. It explores the shifts in gas consumption towards 2050 under various ‘what-if’ scenarios.

• Expert Insights: Gain insights on the optimal energy mix and role of gases to ensuring a resilient energy transition, balancing affordability, security, and sustainability objectives.

• Future Energy Carriers: Explore the rise of hydrogen as the second largest energy carrier and the important role of biomethane in replacing existing methane demand and delivering negative emission.

• Strategic Discussions: Engage in critical conversations about optimising the energy mix necessary to deliver ambitious EU climate targets, accelerating renewable and low carbon energy deployment, and the regulatory framework necessary to support the EU’s climate goals.

Panel Discussion

• How resilient are our energy transition strategies when put to the test, recognising that we cannot predict the future?

• How can we optimise the mix of renewable electricity, hydrogen, and methane-based gases to ensure a resilient and cost-effective energy transition?

• What regulatory and policy measures are necessary to accelerate the deployment of all necessary decarbonisations solutions in the EU?

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Organised by: Eurogas
Media Partner: Euractiv


Euractiv Network Office
Boulevard Charlemagne 1, 1041 Brussels

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09:30 | Welcome by the moderator

• Donagh Cagney, Editor Transport, Energy & Environment, Euractiv

09:35 | Keynote speech

09:45 | Presentation of the findings of the Eurogas/Frontier Economics study

• Christoph Gatzen, Director, Frontier Economics
• Stefan Lorenczik, Manager, Frontier Economics

10:05 | Panel discussion

• Miguel Gil Tertre, Head of Unit, DG ENER, European Commission
• Kavita Ahluwalia, SVP Governmental Relations International, Uniper
• Nicola Rega, Executive Director Climate Change and Energy, CEFIC

More speakers to be announced.

10:25 | Q&A

10:55 | Conclusions

11:00 | Close


Sébastien de Decker