Euractiv Events

About EURACTIV Events

EURACTIV organises policy stakeholder events in Brussels and other European capitals. We host panel discussions moderated by a EURACTIV journalist with relevant expertise.

  • 4-6 speakers representing the European Commission, the European Parliament (MEPs), Member States, industry and associations, civil society and think tanks.
  • Participants from all EU institutions, including MEPs, Permanent Representations and Missions to the EU, EU and national-level associations and organisations, private companies, NGOs, think tanks, academia and media.
  • Moderation by one of our journalists to ensure a neutral and unbiased conversation.
  • Interactive events aiming at involving all participants, not only the speakers.
  • We strive for gender balance in all our panels to bring more equality and better representation in policy discussion.

We organise two main types of events:


Small roundtable debates, gathering approximately 30 working-level participants.


60 to 100 high-level participants. Forums benefit from editorial coverage following the event, with one story to be published on

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Send us your feedback!

Whether you would like to attend our events, suggest a speaker or have suggestions on how to improve our services, get in touch with us. We look forward to receiving your feedback.


  • The logo of the supporting organisation is visible on all material, on the event’s webpage and social media.
  • The supporting organisation can provide reading materials to be distributed to all participants.
  • A highlight video of the event is filmed during the event and published on
  • Posting of the event on our events website, as well as social media coverage, including live tweeting through #eaDebates.


  • The opportunity to provide input on the topic, angles to tackle and relevant speakers.
  • Being allocated one speaker slot.
  • A high-level networking platform to meet a wide array of selected influential stakeholders.
  • A neutral and unbiased moderation for the benefit of all the parties involved.

Editorial independence

The event is a “Euractiv event with the support of”. As an independent and respected media, Euractiv ensures a neutral and professional discussion in which all points of view are represented. We aim at offering flexible event solutions tailored to the clients’ needs, while maintaining an independent editorial line. For more information, see our Editorial Mission.