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EVENT CANCELLED - Time to act: Plugging into the Green Deal. A new energy policy agenda fit forEuropeanconsumersMediaPartnership


EVENT CANCELLED - Time to act: Plugging into the Green Deal. A new energy policy agenda fit forEuropeanconsumersMediaPartnership

We are sorry to inform you that, due to the tragic event that happened yesterday at Enel Green Power power plant in Italy, and as a sign of respect to the victims and all employees involved, Enel Group decided to cancel all company events planned for today and the upcoming days.

Our thoughts and condolences are with the accident victims and their families.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

We will be back in touch in the coming months with news of a rescheduled event.

The Green Deal has been one of the Commission’s pillars to “transform the EU into a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy“, for a bold evolution of the energy system, both on the supply and on the demand side. Past and ongoing geopolitical shocks shed a light on the EU need – beyond decarbonization objectives – for an energy system more resilient to prices volatility and an EU strategic autonomy, preserving the necessary industrial competitiveness and sustainability for citizens and companies.

Utility companies and the whole power sector will deliver a significant part of the necessary transformation by empowering customers and energy communities in a more consistent way. At the same time, institutions are urged to adopt a new vision for a sound and realistic people-centric energy policy framework: addressing global challenges involves integrating reliable and coordinated supply chains, adapting to labor market changes through reskilling and upskilling and prioritizing the electrification of end-uses with an increasing reliance on renewables.

Balancing climate goals and competitiveness for businesses is crucial, emphasizing the need for a sustainable societal and economic growth. To achieve these objectives, a robust EU-wide grids network, supported by investments in digitalization and climate resilience, will be of paramount importance.

The event will be the occasion to present Enel priorities for the next European institutional term and discuss the outcomes of the IAI and Enel Foundation joint project “European Green Deal: Reaching Beyond Borders” which seeks to provide in-depth analysis on the major geopolitical and geoeconomics implications of the Green Deal and the growing climate, political and economic ambitions of the EU in the international context.

Participants will have the chance to:
- take stock of what done so far by the EU in the framework of the Green Deal and what it has meant for the energy sector;
- discuss opportunities and challenges emerging in the current geopolitical and energy scenarios;
- identify and propose topics and actions on which the oncoming EU Commission should focus in order to strengthen EU strategy in the global energy area reaping industrial, societal and economical benefit.

Organised by: Enel
Media Partner: Euractiv


Chaussée de Wavre 141-143, 1050 Ixelles-Brussels


Maros Sefcovic
Executive Vice-President EU Commission

H.E. Amb. Stefano Verrecchia
Deputy Permanent Representative of Italy to EU

Salvatore Bernabei
CEO of Enel Green Power

Cristian Busoi MEP
Chair ITRE Committee

Margherita Bianchi
Head of the "Energy, Climate & Resources Programme" - IAI

Nicolò Sartori
Senior Researcher Enel Foundation

Nicola Procaccini MEP

Ignazio Corrao MEP

Patrizia Toia MEP

Erlendas Grigorovic
Deputy Head of Unit TF3 DG ENER

Kristian Ruby
Secretary General Eurelectric


Dave Keating


18:00 - 18:30 Registration of participants
18:30- 18:35 Welcome
18:35 - 19:30 Keynote speeches and panel discussion
19:30 - 20:30 Networking cocktail


Ana Alexandrescu