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Euractiv organises policy events (hybrid, virtual, in-person) in Brussels and other European capitals.

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Decarbonising shipping – What role can climate labels play? 12-12-2023 Transport
The future of EU forests – A new EU Framework for Forest Monitoring and Strategic Plans 20-02-2024 Energy and Environment

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Past events

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Media Partnership: Sustainable taxes and economic growth post-Covid – The role for European multinational companies 06-12-2023 Economy and Jobs
Towards a sustainable future - What is the potential of the EU’s bioeconomy? 30-11-2023 Energy and Environment
Euractiv Advocacy Debate: European Political Party Views towards the 2024-2029 EU Agenda 30-11-2023 Politics
#eaAgriFood Twitter Chat | Green Deal and farming - Divorce or happy ever after? 29-11-2023 Agriculture and Food
Media Partnership - European Technology Leadership Under Threat 29-11-2023 Technology
PFAS and the green transition - how can we strike a balance? 28-11-2023 Energy and Environment
Charting the Future of AI - From the EU AI Act to Global AI Governance 27-11-2023 Digital
Le protectionnisme européen à l’aube des élections européennes 24-11-2023 Politics
Hydrogen emissions - What implications for the green transition? 16-11-2023 Energy and Environment
Wind Power Action Plan - Winds of change? 15-11-2023 Energy and Environment
Analysing the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation - What are the implications for our forests? 14-11-2023 Energy and Environment
Strengthening EU-Kazakhstan relations - What role for trade and the supply of critical raw materials? 14-11-2023 Global Europe
Media Partnership: Decarbonising fertilizer production. Pathways to sustainable food 14-11-2023 Agriculture and Food
Crowdfunding as a driver for the EU's energy transition - What difference can it make? 08-11-2023 Energy and Environment
The Spanish presidency and the future of European Digitalization - Media Partnership 26-10-2023 Technology
Media Partnership - AI governance and compliance: a call to action 26-10-2023 Technology
#eaGreenEU Twitter Chat | The EU Deforestation Regulation 26-10-2023 Energy and Environment
New genomic techniques - What lies ahead? 25-10-2023 Agriculture and Food
EU Regulation on deforestation-free products – What implications for smallholders? 25-10-2023 Energy and Environment
Media Partnership - Hydropower: a key player of the European energy transition 24-10-2023 Energy and Environment
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