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EURACTIV organises policy events (hybrid, virtual, in-person) in Brussels and other European capitals.

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Media Partnership: The Future of the Electronic Communications Sector - Towards a European success story? 06-06-2023 Technology
Media Partnership: Type 2 Diabetes: a preventable catastrophe? 06-06-2023 Health and Consumers
Media Partnership: Upskilling Hospitality – For more Sustainability and Resilience in Food Supply Chains 07-06-2023 Agriculture and Food
Education for a sustainable future - Empowering individuals to tackle climate change 08-06-2023 Energy and Environment
Generative AI - What is the cost for the information industry? 13-06-2023 Technology
The future of Europe’s digital connectivity - How to settle the fair contribution debate? 13-06-2023 Technology
How the European Union is advancing its agenda in Central Asia - Kazakhstan's role in interregional cooperation 14-06-2023 Global Europe
Food for Thought - How can we reshape our food systems for a sustainable future? 20-06-2023 Agriculture and Food
CAP reform - Is 'social conditionality' the answer for agri-workers? 26-06-2023 Agriculture and Food
What are the challenges and opportunities for a European 'hydrogen corridor'? 27-06-2023 Energy and Environment
Fighting illicit cigarette production and consumption - How can we best address the problem? 27-06-2023 Economy and Jobs
Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation - How can we make it work? 28-06-2023 Energy and Environment
Illicit trade - What are the impacts and solutions? 28-06-2023 Economy and Jobs
Media Partnership: An EU Ecosystem for Rare Diseases: The OD Expert Group proposals for navigating the challenges ahead 29-06-2023 Health and Consumers

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Past events

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Media Partnership: Advancing Europe’s Net-Zero Industry 31-05-2023 Energy and Environment
Healthcare in a complex system - How can patients navigate the transplant journey? 30-05-2023 Health and Consumers
Hydrogen - Tale of the future or a real game changer? 25-05-2023 Energy and Environment
The Critical Raw Materials Act – What opportunities for EU technology providers? 25-05-2023 Energy and Environment
Media Partnership - Soil health & agriculture: Going beneath the surface 22-05-2023 Agriculture and Food
Media Partnership - The future of connectivity and our new internet ecosystem 04-05-2023 Technology
Technological advances in healthcare - The key to fighting health inequalities? 03-05-2023 Health and Consumers
Building a competitive Europe - What can the EU Swedish Presidency do? 27-04-2023 Economy
The 'Sustainable Use of Pesticide Regulation' - Navigating the path to a greener EU 26-04-2023 Agriculture and Food
Participatory Budgeting: How can it strengthen democracy and empower communities in the EU? 25-04-2023 Politics
Probiotics in Europe - How can better regulation strengthen the knowledge of probiotics for consumer health? 24-04-2023 Health and Consumers
[POSTPONED] Media Partnership: #Media4Europe - Marketplace for Innovation Funding 30-03-2023 Technology
The year of skills - Is a digitised Europe learning what it takes to compete globally? 27-03-2023 Digital
On-the-ground reporting - Can it help to combat Russia’s disinformation war? 22-03-2023 Global Europe
Electricity Market Design – How can the system benefit from investments in flexibility? 22-03-2023 Energy and Environment
CO2, H2 and O2 - Cornerstones of the energy transition? 21-03-2023 Energy and Environment
Media Partnership - EU Green Deal Industrial Plan: accelerating decarbonisation to reach net zero 21-03-2023 Energy and Environment
Learning from the Sun to decarbonise Europe’s power with fusion energy 20-03-2023 Energy and Environment
Media Partnership - Women in the agri-food industry 08-03-2023 Agriculture and Food
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