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#eaGreenEU Twitter Chat: Climate impact on European forests - How to increase their resilience?


#eaGreenEU Twitter Chat: Climate impact on European forests - How to increase their resilience?

The effect of climate change on forests has increasingly become a topic of great importance in the EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change as their resilience is increasingly tested by the growing impacts of extreme climate conditions. With forests covering a third of Europe's land mass, their role in climate regulation cannot be overstated.

Recent years have seen the effects of climate change on European Forests. Severe droughts, widespread wildfires, windstorms, and other pest and disease outbreaks have rendered forests less resilient. These events not only threaten the stability of forest ecosystems but also pose significant hurdles for future forest management strategies.

The importance of managing forests to ensure their resilience has never been more apparent and has led to several initiatives on the EU level. Now is the time to take a closer look at how the resilience of European forests can be increased.

Join our Energy and Environment team on Tuesday, 30 April 2024 between 12:30 and 1:30 to discuss this and more in this Euractiv’s Twitter Chat.

Our Twitter account @eaGreenEU will share the following questions on Twitter and invite you to share responses using #eaGreenEU:

Q1: Is the EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change enough to mitigate the unavoidable impact of wildfires?

Q2: What does the future look like for forest ecosystems in the policy of the future Commission?

Q3: Does the EU's forest strategy for 2030 adequately address climate adaptation and forest resilience?

Q4: Is the EU's 3 billion additional trees by 2030 objective relevant and sufficient to capture CO2 and fight extreme weather events?

Q5: Would the use of woody biomass for energy production in the EU present a risk of additional pressure on forest resources?

A Twitter Chat is a discussion between Twitter users that get online at a pre-arranged date and time to discuss a specific topic using a designated #hashtag (for this chat it’s #eaGreenEU). The hashtag links the questions and answers in a virtual conversation.

As the host of the Twitter Chat, @eaGreenEU will post questions identified as Q1, Q2 and so on, to prompt answers/replies from participants, which should be identified as A1, A2 and so on. When preparing your answers make sure they fit Twitter's character limit.

We will moderate the answers and ask follow up questions to participants. Please be sure to use the #eaGreenEU when answering the questions.

The Twitter Chat will last about an hour. The best way to see the entire conversation is to search for the hashtag #eaGreenEU on Twitter and switch to the "latest tweets" tab.

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@eaGreenEU - The Twitter account of Euractiv's Energy and Environment Hub


12:30 Start of #eaGreenEU Twitter Chat
13:30 End of #eaGreenEU Twitter Chat
The times are in CET (Brussels time)


Alexandra Rink