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#eaGreenEU Twitter Chat | The EU Deforestation Regulation


#eaGreenEU Twitter Chat | The EU Deforestation Regulation

Join Euractiv and our Energy & Environment journalists on Thursday 26 October 2023 for a Twitter Chat on the EU deforestation regulation.

Our Twitter account @eaGreenEU will share the following questions on Twitter and invite you to share responses using #eaGreenEU:

Q1. The EU's deforestation regulation entered into force on 29 June 2023. In your view, what are the strengths and weaknesses of this piece of legislation?
Q2. The regulation was criticised for not including certain products and areas, like savannahs. Do you believe the regulation needs strengthening in the next revision or is it sufficient?
Q3. How does the EU deforestation regulation fit with international initiatives to stop deforestation? Is Europe “going it alone”?
Q4. Attention is now turning to the implementation of the EU deforestation regulation at the national level. What are the key challenges to overcome so it works as intended?
Q5. Looking forward, what more does Europe need to do to tackle deforestation at home and abroad?

A Twitter Chat is a discussion between Twitter users that get online at a pre-arranged date and time to discuss a specific topic using a designated #hashtag (for this chat it’s #eaGreenEU). The hashtag links the questions and answers in a virtual conversation.

As the host of the Twitter Chat, @eaGreenEU will post questions identified as Q1, Q2 and so on, to prompt answers/replies from participants, which should be identified as A1, A2 and so on. When preparing your answers make sure they fit Twitter's character limit.
We will moderate the answers and ask follow up questions to participants. Please be sure to use the #eaGreenEU when answering the questions.

The Twitter Chat will last about an hour. The best way to see the entire conversation is to search for the hashtag #eaGreenEU on twitter and switch to the "latest tweets" tab.

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12:30 Start of #eaGreenEU Twitter Chat
13:30 End of #eaGreenEU Twitter Chat
The times are in Brussels time


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