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Carbon removals - How best to implement and validate?


Carbon removals - How best to implement and validate?


In December 2021, the European Commission adopted a Communication on Sustainable Carbon Cycles, in which it identifies complementary solutions to CO2 emissions reductions to achieve the EU’s goal of climate neutrality by 2050.

Indeed, to maintain the atmospheric concentration of CO2 at levels compatible with the objective of the Paris Agreement, solutions to capture carbon emissions directly from the atmosphere are needed. Some of these solutions include promoting carbon farming practices under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), and standardising the monitoring, reporting and verification methodologies needed to provide a clear and reliable certification framework for carbon farming and carbon removals.

There are two types of carbon removal solutions: nature-based and industry-based ones. These involve different levels of maturity and market readiness and have different impacts on the involved stakeholders. Each solution has specific advantages and challenges that need to be addressed, contingent on its accessibility to users and complexity of implementation.

However, the challenge of setting a regulatory framework that would foster trust and mobilise potential parties remains. Independent measurement and verification are essential to ensure that carbon removals have been properly conducted and that the carbon is effectively and permanently removed from the atmosphere. Such verification not only ensures the most effective implementation of climate policies, but also helps eliminate false reporting and greenwashing.

Join this EURACTIV Virtual Conference to discuss how we can ensure the validation of carbon removals in a way that satisfies consumers, industry and policymakers. How can we overcome the ongoing differences in the calculation of emissions and harmonise methodologies? And how can buyers, land managers, technological companies, investors, and policymakers agree on clear and common standards?


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Lukas Visek, Member of Cabinet, EVP Frans Timmermans' Cabinet, European Commission
Norbert Lins MEP, Chair AGRI Committee, European Parliament
Célia Nyssens, Senior Policy Officer for Agriculture and Food Systems, EEB
Lucia Perugini, Senior Scientific Manager, Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change
Yuriy Lozynskyy, Carbon Scheme and Verification Manager, Agoro Carbon Alliance
Laura Severino, Head of Sustainability Compliance and New scheme development coordination, RINA


Mariam Zaidi, Journalist, EURACTIV


09:30 - 09:35 Welcome
09:35 - 09:50 Panellist statements
09:50 - 10:40 Discussion and Q&A
10:40 - 10:45 Closing statements


Ana Alexandrescu

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