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After the CAP: What future for British agri-trade?


After the CAP: What future for British agri-trade?

With Article 50 set to be triggered in March, negotiations will begin on Britain’s exit from the EU.

‘Brexit’ will signal the end of Britain’s involvement in the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Meanwhile, Britain’s plan to leave the European Single Market presents agriculture with further trading uncertainty.

EURACTIV organised this roundtable focused on agri-trade to discuss questions such as:

- What priority for agriculture in the Brexit negotiations?
- Which agricultural sectors could be winners and losers of the UK’s post-Brexit trade regime?
- What are the UK’s agri-trade priorities beyond the EU, how would new extra-EU Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) impact British agriculture?
- Standards? Costs? Prices? What implications await farmers and consumers beyond Brexit?


ComRes Offices, 4 Millbank
4 Millbank, London SW1P 3JA

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Lord Teverson, Chairman, EU Energy and Environment sub-committee, House of Lords
Molly Scott Cato MEP, Member of AGRI Committee, European Parliament
Martin Haworth, Director of Strategy, National Farmers’ Union
Peter Hardwick, Head of Trade Development, AHDB
Alan Jagoe, President, European Young Farmers Association (CEJA)


12.00 – 12.30 Registration
12.30 – 13.00 Speakers' opening remarks
13.00 – 14.00 Open debate


Alex Woodall
+44 (0)7 501 267 049