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Empowering consumers for a successful green transition


Empowering consumers for a successful green transition

Empowering consumers for a successful green transition - How can improved information and protection against unfair practices best be achieved?


In 2022, the European Commission published a proposal for amendments to the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive and the Consumer Rights Directive. The proposal aims to contribute to a circular, clean and green EU economy by enabling consumers to take informed decisions and contribute to more sustainable consumption. It also targets unfair commercial practices that mislead consumers, aiming to achieve a better and more consistent application of EU consumer rules.

The proposal follows the European Green Deal and is seen by policymakers as fundamental for creating a sustainable product policy framework that can empower consumers.

However, some industry stakeholders claim that the proposal is not clear enough and does not create a level playing field for the industry. They are recommending the ban of vague or non-specific environmental claims such as “environmentally safe”, “green”, “nature’s friend", which they argue may be associated with “greenwashing”.

As the industry is investing in sustainable production and consumption programmes, companies are asking for more clarity regarding company sustainability labels. These labels are developed by multiple stakeholder groups who follow robust environmental and social criteria.

Join this EURACTIV Hybrid Conference to discuss what are the different options for ensuring a level playing field for industry and empowering consumers to achieve a successful green transition. Questions to be addressed include:

• Could the European Commission’s proposal allow for substantiated company-owned sustainability labels which are proven to be robust?
• How will it affect local and small-scale producers in the EU?
• What resources are required in order to create a level playing field and a fairer system for everyone in the industry?
• What are the main challenges in achieving consumer empowerment, and how can they be tackled?


Supported by:


Brussels Network Office - International Press Centre
1 Bd Charlemagne // 2nd floor


Emeric Duchesne, Farmer and member of Valfrance Cooperative

Panel discussion:
Nils Behrndt, Deputy Director-General, DG JUST, European Commission
Biljana Borzan MEP, Member IMCO Committee, European Parliament
Malte Gallée MEP, Member ENVI Committee, European Parliament
Christian Huyghe, Scientific Director of Agriculture, INRAE
Marie Ellul, Harmony Program Lead, Mondelez International


Mariam Zaidi


17:00 – 17:30 Registration of Participants
17:30 – 17:35 Welcome
17:35 – 17:40 Presentation by Emeric Duchesne
17:40 – 17:55 Panellist statements
17:55 – 18:40 Discussion and Q&A
18:40 – 18:45 Closing statements


Ana Alexandrescu

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