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Regulating consumers – ensuring public health? 10-05-2017 Health & Consumers
Bioenergy for rural development: An engine of growth for a rural renaissance 12-05-2017 Agriculture & Food
Europe, young talent and the future of work: Employability in the face of technological disruption 30-05-2017 Employment
The Clean Energy Package: Towards a smart and sustainable heat market 30-05-2017 Energy
(Over)regulation of consumer goods - A slippery slope? 08-06-2017 Health & Consumers
Innovation in der Landwirtschaft - Wie soll die Landwirtschaft in Zukunft aussehen? 08-06-2017 Agriculture & Food
Precision farming: The silver bullet for the future of European farming? 21-06-2017 Agriculture & Food
Brexit: Can a bitter divorce end up in a good trade partnership? 22-06-2017 UK & Europe
La santé : Un levier d'attractivité ? 27-06-2017 Health & Consumers

Previous events

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What does Brexit mean for your organisation? Communicate the realities 27-04-2017 UK & Europe
Freedom of religion or belief beyond the EU borders 26-04-2017 Human rights
What consumers want: A supply chain for farmers and consumers 25-04-2017 Agriculture & Food
L’élection présidentielle française au cœur de l’Union européenne 28-03-2017 Politics
Boosting e-commerce in the EU: Drivers and barriers 28-03-2017 Digital
L’engagement des jeunes en Europe: Démocratie participative et économie collaborative 23-03-2017 Youth
Regulating digital services 22-03-2017 Digital
Packaging in the circular economy: A sustainable business? 21-03-2017 Climate & Environment
After the CAP: What future for British agri-trade? 09-03-2017 Agriculture & Food
Chemical safety in the workplace: An example of better regulation? 07-03-2017 Industry & Innovation
Biofuels in aviation: A sustainable alternative? 28-02-2017 Transport
EU-Belarus co-operation: Can it help in fighting illicit trade? 09-02-2017 Global Europe
The Energy Efficiency Package: Boosting renovation in the EU 08-02-2017 Energy
Towards a more responsible lifestyle for European students 24-01-2017 Health & Consumers
Trade debate with Pascal Lamy: The future of free trade after Brexit and Trump 24-01-2017 Trade
The EURACTIV Metamorphosis 23-01-2017 Public Affairs
Engineering the Energy Union: How electric motors and water systems help achieving our policy goals 09-12-2016 Energy
Flying into the future: Innovation in aviation 07-12-2016 Transport
Enhancing traceability to combat counterfeiting and illicit trade 06-12-2016 Trade
Alternative fuels and cleaner transport: From policy to reality 01-12-2016 Transport
Brexit 50: EURACTIV's power list of Top 50 Brexit influencers 30-11-2016 UK & Europe
EU trade policy at the crossroads 29-11-2016 Trade
What role for positive nutrition in the future? 17-11-2016 Health & Consumers
Who is lobbying for lobbyists? 15-11-2016 Public Affairs
CAP and the Digital Single Market: What growth for agriculture in the digital age? 10-11-2016 Agriculture & Food
Is Europe ready for FinTech? 08-11-2016 Finance
Big Data and policy making: What are the challenges and opportunities? 18-10-2016 Digital
Tax transparency: Do new global standards really provide a level playing field? 18-10-2016 Finance
La PAC: Quel soutien pour les jeunes agriculteurs? 18-10-2016 Agriculture & Food
Sharing economy: What challenges and opportunities for Europe? 13-10-2016 Digital
Solar power in Europe: Free trade or trade duties? 12-10-2016 Energy
Free flow of data in industry: The end of trade secrets? 28-09-2016 Industry & Innovation
Changing trends in smuggling: "Illicit whites", a concern for EU security and revenues 27-09-2016 Economy
Sustainable finance: Will the EU step up? 27-09-2016 Finance
EURACTIV Metamorphosis 19-09-2016 Public Affairs
Energy Union, heating and cooling, consumers: It's all about efficiency and comfort in buildings 14-06-2016 Energy
Energy efficiency 2016: The year of delivery? 01-06-2016 Energy
TTIP: What's really in it for businesses? 24-05-2016 Trade
Investment in agriculture, growth and jobs: What role for the CAP? 26-04-2016 Agriculture & Food
What will TTIP mean for the UK? 24-03-2016 Trade
What future for Big Data mining? 16-03-2016 Digital
Trade for democracy in South-East Asia 15-03-2016 Global Europe
State of the Energy Union: Policy influencers debate the 1st year's progress 24-02-2016 Energy
How can innovation help agriculture be more sustainable? 17-02-2016 Agriculture & Food
TTIP : Quelles opportunités pour la France ? 16-02-2016 Trade
Agriculture et changement climatique : Interactions et défis 26-01-2016 Agriculture & Food
How can financial services work better for EU consumers in the digital age? 13-01-2016 Finance