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EURACTIV organises policy stakeholder events in Brussels and other European capitals.

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Farm to Fork Strategy – What are the policy instruments needed to reach the targets? 27-01-2022 Agriculture and Food
Quelle place pour le secteur agricole dans le plan de relance européen ? 11-02-2022 Agriculture and Food
Sustainable agriculture transformation agenda for Africa - Empowering farmers and building food security sustainably 14-02-2022 Agriculture and Food
An effective Digital Markets Act - What balance will achieve certainty for all stakeholders? 02-02-2022 Digital
Supporting SMEs post-pandemic – How can policymakers ensure digital helps SME growth? 01-02-2022 Digital
Illicit trade in Europe - Scale, Impact, Solutions 24-02-2022 Economy
Skills – the currency of the future. How is the EU accelerating upskilling and reskilling? 25-01-2022 Economy and Jobs
EU Methane Regulation: How can policymakers raise ambition? 03-02-2022 Energy and Environment
Green steel: CBAM and ETS - do their current designs aid EU climate ambitions? 09-02-2022 Energy and Environment
(Re)constructing Europe: What challenges are Member States facing? 22-02-2022 Energy and Environment

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Past events

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La PAC: Quel soutien pour les jeunes agriculteurs? 18-10-2016 Agriculture & Food
Przyszlosc europejskiego rolnictwa: przemiany technologiczne a potrzeby rolnikow 05-07-2019 Agriculture and Food
Auf dem Weg zur modernen Landwirtschaft: Balance zwischen Biodiversität, Innovation und Erträgen 27-09-2019 Agriculture and Food
Hacia una agricultura sostenible y competitiva 22-10-2019 Agriculture and Food
Agriculture et changement climatique : Interactions et défis 26-01-2016 Agriculture and Food
How can innovation help agriculture be more sustainable? 17-02-2016 Agriculture and Food
Digital Farming: Driving productivity and a more sustainable way of farming 03-10-2019 Agriculture and Food
Investment in agriculture, growth and jobs: What role for the CAP? 26-04-2016 Agriculture and Food
#eaAgriFood Twitter Chat: A fair deal for farmers? 21-11-2019 Agriculture and Food
POLITIQUE AGRICOLE COMMUNE. Quel accompagnement pour encourager l’installation des jeunes agriculteurs ? 28-01-2020 Agriculture and Food
CAP and the Digital Single Market: What growth for agriculture in the digital age? 10-11-2016 Agriculture and Food
Sustainable Food Systems: Does the EU ‘Farm to Fork’ strategy have all the answers? 06-02-2020 Agriculture and Food
#eaAgriFood Twitter Chat: How the CAP can respond to climate change 23-01-2020 Agriculture and Food
After the CAP: What future for British agri-trade? 09-03-2017 Agriculture and Food
Transparency in EU policymaking: The case of glyphosate 04-06-2020 Agriculture and Food
What consumers want: A supply chain for farmers and consumers 25-04-2017 Agriculture and Food
Farm to Fork strategy: What role for nutrients? 23-06-2020 Agriculture and Food
Food security & Climate change post-COVID - Improving the sustainability of EU agriculture 30-06-2020 Agriculture and Food
Rural broadband - Challenges and opportunities 09-07-2020 Agriculture and Food
Bioenergy for rural development: An engine of growth for a rural renaissance 12-05-2017 Agriculture and Food
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