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Revival of EU Single Market - Defining the road ahead


Revival of EU Single Market - Defining the road ahead


The European Single Market - one of the EU's greatest achievements - is stuttering, according to several industry stakeholders. Their concerns include too much fragmentation, excessive bureaucracy, and lack of harmonised rules. Former Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta was tasked with preparing a report on the future of the Single Market, set to be discussed by European heads of government in the coming months.

In today's geopolitically tense landscape, the Single Market is designed to ensure European economic power and industrial strength. But the impact of this varies across EU Member States and European companies, particularly SMEs. Recognising these disparities is crucial, especially when considering the cost burden of the green and digital transitions.

With the upcoming EU elections and a new European legislature on the horizon, significant shifts are anticipated in the Single Market and its development. Some industries, like the mechanical and plant engineering sector, even call for a radical masterplan to deepen the Single Market. How this could look is still uncertain. But the new setup of the EU institutions could influence integration levels, cooperation dynamics, and competitiveness among Member States, shaping the market's future and its ability to confront evolving economic challenges.

Join this Euractiv Virtual Conference to discuss how the Single Market can further develop, better serving all types of European companies. Questions to be addressed include:
-What changes can the European elections be expected to bring to the development of the Single Market?
-Which obstacles do companies trading within the Single Market face and how can barriers be removed?
-How can we maintain social cohesion and how can state aid be managed more sustainably for European companies?
-What needs to be done to improve the EU business environment and ensure industry competitiveness?


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Enrico Letta
Author of the Report on the future of the Single Market and President of the Jacques Delors Institute

Dita Charanzová
Vice-President, European Parliament

Sandra Parthie
President of the INT section, EESC and Head of Brussels Office of IW Köln, Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft

Karl Haeusgen
President, VDMA

More to be announced soon.


Brian Maguire


14:30 – 14:35 Welcome
14:35 – 14:55 Panellist statements
14:55 – 15:40 Discussion and Q&A
15:40 – 15:45 Closing statements


Ana Alexandrescu