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EURACTIV organises policy events (hybrid, virtual, in-person) in Brussels and other European capitals.

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Upcoming events

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Integration von GAP und Green Deal - Die Zukunft nachhaltiger Landwirtschaft? 26-10-2022 Agriculture and Food
Empowering consumers to make healthy food choices 16-11-2022 Agriculture and Food
EU Energy transition - What role for critical raw materials? 07-12-2022 Energy and Environment
How to ramp up hydrogen production & speed up the steel industry’s transition, while navigating an unprecedented energy crisis? 27-10-2022 Energy and Environment
Reducing industrial fossil gas demand in Europe - What are the next steps? 12-10-2022 Energy and Environment
District heating in the EU - What lies ahead? 24-10-2022 Energy and Environment
Media Partnership - Winter is coming: How to shield the most vulnerable and preserve the consensus on the war 11-10-2022 Energy and Environment
What is the future of the EU’s energy sector? 25-10-2022 Energy and Environment
Media Partnership - ''Headway - A new roadmap in Mental Health'' 28-09-2022 Health and Consumers
Media Partnership - Strengthening media freedom and pluralism 28-09-2022 Politics
Media Partnership - Experimenting with Deliberative and Participatory Democracy 11-10-2022 Politics
The future of 5G Connectivity in the EU - Next steps 05-10-2022 Technology
How to ensure fair industrial data-sharing terms in the framework of the EU Data Act? 13-10-2022 Technology
How can the European Democracy Action Plan empower citizens and build more resilient democracies across the EU? 10-10-2022 Technology
The AI Act - What costs for SMEs? 15-11-2022 Technology

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Past events

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L’engagement des jeunes en Europe: Démocratie participative et économie collaborative 23-03-2017 Youth
Integration der Jugend in Europa - Arbeitsmarkt, Soziales, Wahlen 24-05-2017 Youth
Smart prevention works ! Empowering European students to adopt a responsible lifestyle. 24-01-2018 Youth
Media Partnership - Beyond 2020: global youth – voices & futures 02-02-2021 Youth
Où est l'Europe dans le 93 ? 03-05-2018 Youth
Brexit 50: EURACTIV's power list of Top 50 Brexit influencers 30-11-2016 UK & Europe
Brexit: Can a bitter divorce end up in a good trade partnership? 22-06-2017 UK & Europe
What does Brexit mean for your organisation? Communicate the realities 27-04-2017 UK & Europe
Can European business influence the Brexit outcome? 19-10-2017 UK & Europe
Young people and Brexit: Are we listening to the next generation? 28-02-2018 UK & Europe
I love/hate EU integration: What future for Europe, the United Kingdom and the EEA? 12-01-2018 UK & Europe
Media Partnership: Beyond Brexit - Redefining the Relationship Between the EU and the UK 28-05-2021 UK & Europe
Emission-free mobility: How will Europe reach its targets? 06-11-2019 Transport
Alternative fuels and cleaner transport: From policy to reality 01-12-2016 Transport
Autonomous Vehicles: Full speed ahead towards sustainable and digital mobility? 14-03-2022 Transport
Flying into the future: Innovation in aviation 07-12-2016 Transport
Biofuels in aviation: A sustainable alternative? 28-02-2017 Transport
Driving the Green Deal: How can biofuels help decarbonise EU transport? 24-09-2020 Transport
Accelerating energy independence and emission reductions: The role of advanced biofuels in transport 06-09-2022 Transport
Reducing EU transport emissions: Can C-V2X deployment play a significant role? 24-11-2020 Transport
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