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The future of payments: What next for competition and innovation in payments? 25-09-2019 Economy and Jobs
Auf dem Weg zur modernen Landwirtschaft: Balance zwischen Biodiversität, Innovation und Erträgen 27-09-2019 Agriculture and Food
Digital Farming: Driving productivity and a more sustainable way of farming 03-10-2019 Agriculture and Food
Global Eurasia - Connectivity as a driver for peace, stability & security 08-10-2019 Global Europe
Ensuring the future competitiveness of EU industry in a fast-changing global economy 08-10-2019 Economy and Jobs
Accelerating integrated energy systems for a climate-neutral EU 09-10-2019 Energy and Environment
Tap water in the EU: Environmental and health considerations 14-10-2019 Health and Consumers
Smart and Open Europe 15-10-2019 Economy and Jobs
Europe's moon landing initiative - Does Europe have a big vision? 21-10-2019 Economy and Jobs
Hacia una agricultura sostenible y competitiva 22-10-2019 Agriculture and Food
Protecting workers: What role for agile solutions? 24-10-2019 Economy and Jobs
Renewable gases: Where do they stand in the EU's 2050 energy roadmap? 05-11-2019 Energy and Environment
Emission-free mobility: How will Europe reach its targets? 06-11-2019 Transport
A cost-effective transition: Unlocking the benefits of sector coupling 13-11-2019 Energy and Environment
Decarbonising the construction industry: Can Europe lead in low carbon buildings and infrastructure? 19-11-2019 Energy and Environment

Previous events

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How can financial services work better for EU consumers in the digital age? 13-01-2016 Finance
Agriculture et changement climatique : Interactions et défis 26-01-2016 Agriculture and Food
TTIP : Quelles opportunités pour la France ? 16-02-2016 Trade
How can innovation help agriculture be more sustainable? 17-02-2016 Agriculture and Food
State of the Energy Union: Policy influencers debate the 1st year's progress 24-02-2016 Energy
Trade for democracy in South-East Asia 15-03-2016 Global Europe
What future for Big Data mining? 16-03-2016 Digital
What will TTIP mean for the UK? 24-03-2016 Trade
Investment in agriculture, growth and jobs: What role for the CAP? 26-04-2016 Agriculture and Food
TTIP: What's really in it for businesses? 24-05-2016 Trade
Energy efficiency 2016: The year of delivery? 01-06-2016 Energy
Energy Union, heating and cooling, consumers: It's all about efficiency and comfort in buildings 14-06-2016 Energy
EURACTIV Metamorphosis 19-09-2016 Public Affairs
Changing trends in smuggling: "Illicit whites", a concern for EU security and revenues 27-09-2016 Economy
Sustainable finance: Will the EU step up? 27-09-2016 Finance
Free flow of data in industry: The end of trade secrets? 28-09-2016 Industry & Innovation
Solar power in Europe: Free trade or trade duties? 12-10-2016 Energy
Sharing economy: What challenges and opportunities for Europe? 13-10-2016 Digital
Big Data and policy making: What are the challenges and opportunities? 18-10-2016 Digital
Tax transparency: Do new global standards really provide a level playing field? 18-10-2016 Finance
La PAC: Quel soutien pour les jeunes agriculteurs? 18-10-2016 Agriculture & Food
Is Europe ready for FinTech? 08-11-2016 Finance
CAP and the Digital Single Market: What growth for agriculture in the digital age? 10-11-2016 Agriculture and Food
Who is lobbying for lobbyists? 15-11-2016 Public Affairs
What role for positive nutrition in the future? 17-11-2016 Health and Consumers
EU trade policy at the crossroads 29-11-2016 Trade
Brexit 50: EURACTIV's power list of Top 50 Brexit influencers 30-11-2016 UK & Europe
Alternative fuels and cleaner transport: From policy to reality 01-12-2016 Transport
Enhancing traceability to combat counterfeiting and illicit trade 06-12-2016 Trade
Flying into the future: Innovation in aviation 07-12-2016 Transport
Engineering the Energy Union: How electric motors and water systems help achieving our policy goals 09-12-2016 Energy
The EURACTIV Metamorphosis 23-01-2017 Public Affairs
Towards a more responsible lifestyle for European students 24-01-2017 Health and Consumers
Trade debate with Pascal Lamy: The future of free trade after Brexit and Trump 24-01-2017 Trade
The Energy Efficiency Package: Boosting renovation in the EU 08-02-2017 Energy
EU-Belarus co-operation: Can it help in fighting illicit trade? 09-02-2017 Global Europe
Biofuels in aviation: A sustainable alternative? 28-02-2017 Transport
Chemical safety in the workplace: An example of better regulation? 07-03-2017 Industry & Innovation
After the CAP: What future for British agri-trade? 09-03-2017 Agriculture and Food
Packaging in the circular economy: A sustainable business? 21-03-2017 Climate & Environment
Regulating digital services 22-03-2017 Digital
L’engagement des jeunes en Europe: Démocratie participative et économie collaborative 23-03-2017 Youth
L’élection présidentielle française au cœur de l’Union européenne 28-03-2017 Politics
Boosting e-commerce in the EU: Drivers and barriers 28-03-2017 Digital
What consumers want: A supply chain for farmers and consumers 25-04-2017 Agriculture and Food
Freedom of religion or belief beyond the EU borders 26-04-2017 Human rights
What does Brexit mean for your organisation? Communicate the realities 27-04-2017 UK & Europe
Regulating consumers – ensuring public health? 10-05-2017 Health and Consumers
Bioenergy for rural development: An engine of growth for a rural renaissance 12-05-2017 Agriculture and Food
Integration der Jugend in Europa - Arbeitsmarkt, Soziales, Wahlen 24-05-2017 Youth
Europe, young talent and the future of work: Employability in the face of technological disruption 30-05-2017 Employment
The Clean Energy Package: Towards a smart and sustainable heat market 30-05-2017 Energy
Boosting investment in the green economy 31-05-2017 Finance
Electricity market design: A step in the right direction? 06-06-2017 Energy
Biofuels and sustainability: Decarbonising transport and fuelling food security 07-06-2017 Climate & Environment
(Over)regulation of consumer goods - A slippery slope? 08-06-2017 Health & Consumers
Fighting poverty across Europe: What’s next for FEAD? 20-06-2017 Poverty
Precision farming: The silver bullet for the future of European farming? 21-06-2017 Agriculture and Food
Brexit: Can a bitter divorce end up in a good trade partnership? 22-06-2017 UK & Europe
La santé : Un levier d'attractivité ? 27-06-2017 Health and Consumers
The EU’s FinTech strategy: can Europe compete globally? 27-06-2017 Finance
Regulating finance: What future for Europe after the US elections? 28-06-2017 Finance
Nord Stream 2 and the Energy Union: Friends or foes? 06-09-2017 Energy
Innovation in der Landwirtschaft - Wie soll die Landwirtschaft in Zukunft aussehen? 08-09-2017 Agriculture and Food
Youth (un)employment: What challenges and solutions for Europe? 14-09-2017 Employment
The Data Economy: Ownership, Access & Portability 21-09-2017 Digital
#eaAgriFood Twitter Chat: What supply chain for consumers & farmers? 26-09-2017 Agriculture and Food
EU plant breeding regulation: Safeguarding agricultural innovation and consumers 29-09-2017 Agriculture and Food
#SSIX Twitter Chat: German Election: Lessons from social media sentiment analysis 29-09-2017 Politics
La transition énergétique en France : qu'attendre du nouveau gouvernement ? 05-10-2017 Energy
The European Pillar of Social Rights What’s next for social protection and inclusion? 12-10-2017 Social Europe & Jobs
Rural development in Europe: How can the CAP support social cohesion and growth? 17-10-2017 Agriculture and Food
Recycling Industry and Circular Economy - Up to the Challenge 17-10-2017 Sustainable Development
What is next for eGovernment? 18-10-2017 Digital
Sustainability: Renewable energy in Europe’s clean energy transition 18-10-2017 Climate & Environment
Can European business influence the Brexit outcome? 19-10-2017 UK & Europe
Who are the EU digital influencers? How are they shaping Europe? 19-10-2017 Digital
Social Sentiment Analysis: Get trained by the SSIX project 26-10-2017 Digital
#eaAgriFood Twitter Chat: Reviving rural development 07-11-2017 Agriculture and Food
Defeating antimicrobial resistance in European hospitals: The future of hygiene in the healthcare sector 08-11-2017 Health and Consumers
Digital evidence: Europe’s fragmented crime scene 16-11-2017 Digital
Cash and non-cash assistance in humanitarian aid and development 21-11-2017 Global Europe
Reducing food waste: What role for packaging? 22-11-2017 Sustainable Development
Cleaner transport, cleaner Europe: Modernising European mobility for a better environment and society 23-11-2017 Climate & Environment
Freedom of movement for workers: How to respond to local workers fears of being crowded out of the labour market 28-11-2017 Social Europe & Jobs
Social is the New Black. But do you know how to wear it in Brussels? 29-11-2017 Digital
Digitising European farming equipment: The way forward for successful and sustainable farming? 05-12-2017 Agriculture and Food
Promotion of healthy diets in the EU: What role for breakfast? 06-12-2017 Health and Consumers
One Belt, One Road initiative: Beyond trade and investment 07-12-2017 Global Europe
Politique Agricole Commune : Quelle viabilité économique ? 07-12-2017 Agriculture and Food
I love/hate EU integration: What future for Europe, the United Kingdom and the EEA? 12-01-2018 UK & Europe
Which Agricultural sectors will Brexit impact most? 16-01-2018 Agriculture and Food
EU car emissions post 2020: lighter vehicles for less CO2 23-01-2018 Climate & Environment
Smart prevention works ! Empowering European students to adopt a responsible lifestyle. 24-01-2018 Youth
Remembering the past to shape the future of Europe 29-01-2018 Politics
Artificial Intelligence: Another bubble or a game changer? 01-02-2018 Digital
Deepening the European Economic and Monetary Union: A debate with Commissioner Moscovici 14-02-2018 Economy
What will Brexit mean for Europe’s railways? Exploring 'EU27' perspectives 20-02-2018 Transport
Payments: Converging Users, Sectors and Technology 21-02-2018 Finance
Transitioning to renewables: What role for biomass? 22-02-2018 Energy
What’s next for EU-Kazakhstan relations? 26-02-2018 Global Europe
Plastics Strategy: challenges and opportunities of recycling 27-02-2018 Climate & Environment
Young people and Brexit: Are we listening to the next generation? 28-02-2018 UK & Europe
System flexibility as the key to a decarbonised and resilient European power system 05-03-2018 Energy
Le dialogue social : avenir de l’Europe sociale ? 06-03-2018 Social Europe & Jobs
Europe's future in high performance computing 08-03-2018 Digital
EU’s Clean Energy Package: Are we on the right track? 20-03-2018 Energy
Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and the EU : The Road to 2020 20-03-2018 Politics
The plastic heart of Europe's industrial renaissance: The role of fluoropolymers in revitalising the EU's key industry sectors 21-03-2018 Economy
Landwirtschaft und Umweltschutz - Ein ungleiches Paar Schuhe? 22-03-2018 Agriculture and Food
Digital Transformation: The opportunity and getting it right 26-03-2018 Digital
Developing our rural areas through the CAP: International conference on funding opportunities for agriculture and rural develop 26-03-2018 Agriculture and Food
Safe and circular: Making food contact material work for consumers and the environment 10-04-2018 Climate & Environment
#eaAgriFood Twitter Chat: Towards a fair food supply chain 13-04-2018 Agriculture and Food
Clearing the clouds: Reduced-risk and vaping regulation 24-04-2018 Health and Consumers
Integrating the EU energy rules into South East Europe 24-04-2018 Energy
Financing EU agriculture after 2020: What future for the CAP? 25-04-2018 Agriculture and Food
Empowering citizens to protect their health: What role for vaccinations? 26-04-2018 Health and Consumers
Où est l'Europe dans le 93 ? 03-05-2018 Youth
Making bioeconomy circular: How far can circular economy principles be applied to the bioeconomy? 15-05-2018 Climate & Environment
Digital Skills: Mind the Gap 15-05-2018 Digital
Freedom of expression in Europe: Who draws the line? 16-05-2018 Human rights
Reducing emissions in agriculture: What solutions for a more sustainable farming sector? 16-05-2018 Agriculture and Food
Heating and cooling: Towards a fossil-free reality? 22-05-2018 Energy
Innovation in agriculture for a secure food supply: Obtaining better and more resource-efficient crops 23-05-2018 Agriculture and Food
Solar trade barriers: Who are they benefiting? 24-05-2018 Trade
The Channel Tunnel: What economic value to European trade? 04-06-2018 Transport
How should we regulate pesticides? Solutions for safe, transparent decision-making 05-06-2018 Agriculture and Food
Wire Taps on Your Apps? ePrivacy and Security: Striking a Balance 05-06-2018 Digital
The Road to EP Elections 2019: A Political Manifesto for the Eurozone? 07-06-2018 Politics
Transitioning from conventional to advanced biofuels: What cost for consumers and taxpayers? 07-06-2018 Energy
Los desafíos del mercado europeo de la electricidad ante la descarbonización de la economía 12-06-2018 Energy
Une électricité propre pour l'Europe de demain ? 14-06-2018 Energy
The Future of Cooling: Implications for Energy and the Environment 19-06-2018 Energy
Modernisation of Kazakhstan: What role for the European Union? 19-06-2018 Global Europe
Quo vadis, EU evidence-based policy making? Addressing the “evidence – policy” gap 19-06-2018 Politics
Artificial intelligence in manufacturing: Game changer or just another hype? 20-06-2018 Digital
Circular economy: Linking the EU and global agenda 21-06-2018 Climate & Environment
La transizione energetica europea: il ruolo del Capacity Market 21-06-2018 Energy
Transport's role in improving air quality in Europe: How best to co-ordinate regulation? 26-06-2018 Climate & Environment
Futur du travail en Europe : demain tous indépendants ? 26-06-2018 Employment
How to reduce the impact of plastic products on the marine environment? 11-07-2018 Climate & Environment
Greening European agriculture: Can the new CAP be really green? 12-07-2018 Agriculture and Food
#EAAgriFood Twitter Chat: How eco-friendly is organic farming? 18-07-2018 Agriculture and Food
The role of capacity markets in the electricity market transition 04-09-2018 Energy
The evolution and functioning of Europe’s natural gas market as a result of the Third Gas Directive 05-09-2018 Energy
La vision de la France pour l’avenir de l’UE: Rencontre avec le Représentant Permanent de la France auprès de l’UE 11-09-2018 Politics
Digitalisierung in der europäischen Landwirtschaft: Chancen und Herausforderungen 14-09-2018 Agriculture and Food
A healthy mind in a healthy body - How to promote a healthy environment in schools? 25-09-2018 Health and Consumers
Europe’s electricity market: Ensuring supply security in the transition to renewables 25-09-2018 Energy
EU-Africa relations: Time for a reset? 26-09-2018 Global Europe
Safe EU roads thanks to technology: Can different technologies co-exist? 27-09-2018 Transport
EP ELECTIONS 2019: Europe’s future at stake? 27-09-2018 Politics
Your association’s Manifesto ahead of the EP Elections 2019 28-09-2018 Politics
Green Mobility Forum 2018 09-10-2018 Climate & Environment
Barriers to high-skilled labour mobility - a challenge for European SMEs and the Single Market 10-10-2018 Social Europe & Jobs
Cohesion Policy delivers: the story told by beneficiaries and stakeholders 10-10-2018 Economy
#eaSocialEurope Twitter Chat: What future for Social Europe? 11-10-2018 Social Europe & Jobs
Innovation in oncology - Can science make cancer a manageable disease? 15-10-2018 Health and Consumers
CAP and the food supply chain: A fair deal for farmers and consumers 16-10-2018 Agriculture and Food
Climate change and natural hazards: What advantages for building resilience?  17-10-2018 Climate & Environment
#eaAgriFood Twitter Chat: Can the next CAP support innovation? 18-10-2018 Agriculture and Food
Science in the future of agriculture: Can innovation double food production - and improve sustainability? 05-11-2018 Agriculture and Food
COP24 - The road to Katowice: Changing together for a ‘just energy transition’ 06-11-2018 Climate & Environment
Common Borders, Common Solutions: The Romanian-Bulgarian cross-border regional cooperation 07-11-2018 Economy
Die Zukunft des europäischen Energiebinnenmarktes 13-11-2018 Energy
#EUinfluencer Ranking 2018 15-11-2018 Digital
Integrated National Energy and Climate Plans: Transport Decarbonisation Options for Member States 15-11-2018 Energy and Environment
La bioéconomie en France: comment garantir sa soutenabilité? 20-11-2018 Energy and Environment
Packaging in e-commerce: Roles, responsibilities, best practice 20-11-2018 Energy and Environment
A changing workforce: Dealing with income protection gaps  21-11-2018 Economy and Jobs
Ecological disasters in the EU: Can new technologies save lives? 21-11-2018 Energy and Environment
Can the EU lead on cybersecurity? 22-11-2018 Digital
The Swiss-EU ‘bilateral way’: an inspiring option? 22-11-2018 Economy
Galileo: a critical component for autonomous driving? 26-11-2018 Transport
Food packaging and the environment: Towards the end of single-use packaging? 27-11-2018 Climate & Environment
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70: Foundations, Achievements, and its Legacy for Europe 28-11-2018 Global Europe
The security of European citizens: What role for e-evidence? 29-11-2018 Digital
Die neue GAP: Optimale Ressourcenverteilung in den Regionen 03-12-2018 Agriculture and Food
L'énergie bleue: une transition énergétique viable pour l'outre-mer ? 04-12-2018 Energy and Environment
Local Energy Communities: driver of the 2050 low-carbon agenda? 04-12-2018 Energy and Environment
Fraude fiscale en Europe. Quel rôle pour le Parlement européen? 05-12-2018 Economy and Jobs
RED2: what is next for palm oil? 05-12-2018 Energy and Environment
Quelles innovations pour assurer la sécurité alimentaire pour tous ? 12-12-2018 Health and Consumers
Neue Verfahren der Pflanzenzüchtung: Was kommt als nächstes? 13-12-2018 Agriculture and Food
Risks to Europe: Identification, evaluation, mitigation 17-01-2019 Economy and Jobs
Partnerships for Good! Empowering students for well-being in a responsible and active Europe 30-01-2019 Health and Consumers
EU-Kazakhstan relations: From security issues to regional cooperation 30-01-2019 Global Europe
Corporate & Associations Communications Trend – Survey Presentation 31-01-2019 Economy and Jobs
Taking road safety to a new level: Aligning infrastructure, new technologies and changes in mobility trends 06-02-2019 Transport
The future role of wine in society - From consumption to cultural heritage 19-02-2019 Agriculture and Food
European Commission Scoreboard 2014-2019 - Survey results 19-02-2019 Economy and Jobs
How to secure agri-food supply chains post-Brexit and at what price? 25-02-2019 Agriculture and Food
#eaAgriFood Twitter chat: How can EU farming attract the new generations? 25-02-2019 Agriculture and Food
Tourism - a key driver for socio-economic progress 26-02-2019 Economy and Jobs
Better work-life balance: closing the gender employment gap? 27-02-2019 Economy and Jobs
Carbon leakage: What challenges for energy-intensive industries under the EU's decarbonisation roadmap? 27-02-2019 Energy and Environment
Comment améliorer l'accès des agriculteurs aux financements ? 12-03-2019 Agriculture and Food
What role can cyber norms play in improving accountability in cyberspace? 20-03-2019 Digital
A Europe that Champions Well-being: Reframing EU priorities for the next five years 20-03-2019 Health and Consumers
Neue Verfahren der Pflanzenzüchtung: Sind die Verbraucher ausreichend informiert? 22-03-2019 Agriculture and Food
The Greek agriculture in the digital age. The challenges of the new CAP. 26-03-2019 Agriculture and Food
Nouvelles techniques de sélection végétale: les consommateurs sont-ils suffisamment informés? 03-04-2019 Agriculture and Food
Transforming the global energy system: How to finance a just transition? 04-04-2019 Energy and Environment
Eine neue Sozialpolitik - aber wie und mit wem? 05-04-2019 Social Europe & Jobs
Contributing to a CO2 neutral gas supply: On the road to 2050 – what role for renewable gases and gas infrastructure? 09-04-2019 Energy and Environment
The Role of Bioeconomy in the CAP 10-04-2019 Agriculture and Food
Elections européennes 2019 - L'avenir de l'Europe est en jeu 10-04-2019 Global Europe
European Parliament Elections: Is Europe’s Future in Jeopardy? 16-04-2019 Politics
#eaPolitics Twitter chat: The EU and migration - A crisis of leadership? 25-04-2019 Politics
European Parliament Elections: What impact for EU sector policies? 14-05-2019 Politics
An Innovative and Responsible Europe: Empowering young people 15-05-2019 Economy and Jobs
The road to decarbonisation: Long-term biofuels policy in a changing EU political landscape 29-05-2019 Energy and Environment
Modernisation de l'agriculture. Quel équilibre entre innovation et sécurité alimentaire ? 04-06-2019 Agriculture and Food
Quo vadis Europa? EU Enlargement – When and how? 04-06-2019 Politics
AI-enabled Facial Recognition: More than just ethics? 05-06-2019 Digital
Transforming Europe’s Power System: How best to manage the system? 12-06-2019 Energy and Environment
Powering today’s world with tomorrow in mind 18-06-2019 Energy and Environment
European champions vs. hidden champions: What’s the future of European Industry? 19-06-2019 Economy and Jobs
The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU at 10: Foundations, Achievements and Challenges 19-06-2019 Politics
Working towards a balanced energy mix: What role for hydrogen? 25-06-2019 Energy and Environment
#Media4Democracy: ‘VP Democracy’ for Sound Platforms & Independent Media 25-06-2019 Digital
Work-life balance: Health and well-being in the digital era 28-06-2019 Economy and Jobs
Przyszlosc europejskiego rolnictwa: przemiany technologiczne a potrzeby rolnikow 05-07-2019 Agriculture and Food
Elles font bouger l'Europe ! 08-07-2019 Global Europe
Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS): Time to inject a new sense of urgency? 08-07-2019 Energy and Environment
#EUinfluencer 2019: How has social media reshaped political communication? 10-09-2019 Digital