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EURACTIV organises policy stakeholder events in Brussels and other European capitals.

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Energy poverty: How to reduce inequalities? 08-12-2021 Energy
Between Farm and Fork: The role of innovative ingredients and food technology in achieving F2F objectives 06-12-2021 Agriculture and Food
Landwirtschaftliche Entwicklung im Europäischen Aufbauplan in Deutschland 29-11-2021 Agriculture and Food
Working towards a stronger Circular Economy – How much regulation is needed? 09-11-2021 Climate & Environment
Policy Dialogue: Can Glyphosate play a role in achieving greater biodiversity? 04-11-2021 Agriculture and Food
[NEW DATE] Zero carbon brewing and beverages - How can stakeholder co-operation achieve it? 29-10-2021 Agriculture and Food
Metastatic Breast Cancer - How can we improve care for patients and survivors? 28-10-2021 Health and Consumers
Media Partnership: Upskilling & Reskilling as part of the Well-Being of the European Workforce 28-10-2021 Health and Consumers
Closed loop recycling in Europe: What helps and what hinders? 27-10-2021 Climate & Environment
Concrete measures for the food industry to go carbon-neutral 26-10-2021 Agriculture and Food
[NEW DATE] Cybersecurity in the EU – Why we need NIS2 and what changes does it mean for the tech sector? 26-10-2021 Digital
Media Partnership - Waste-to-Energy: The Beauty or The Beast? 25-10-2021 Energy and Environment
CAP reform - How will EU Member States deliver on their CAP Strategic Plans? 20-10-2021 Agriculture and Food

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Past events

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COP26 – Can it be a game-changer? 18-10-2021 Climate & Environment
AI regulation and the future of work - What are the opportunities and concerns? 14-10-2021 Economy and Jobs
Media Partnership: Integrative Oncology - The missing link in Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan 14-10-2021 Health and Consumers
Media Partnership: Corteva Media Club - The Challenge of Food Security | The Global Food Security Index 2021 14-10-2021 Agriculture and Food
The importance of connectivity during and after the COVID-19 crisis 13-10-2021 Digital
Battery-powered future: How can the EU ensure electric vehicles drive the green transport revolution? 13-10-2021 Transport
Digital Inclusiveness: How to ensure no European is left behind 12-10-2021 Digital
Farm to Fork: What the analysis and data tell us 12-10-2021 Agriculture and Food
Media Partnership - What's Next for the Transatlantic Trade and Technology Council? 12-10-2021 Economy
MEDIA4EUROPE CONFERENCE - Business Transformation of NEWS media: Content Sharing, Data and Stars4Media 06-10-2021 Digital & Media
Media Partnership - Living with SMA: Spotlight on the policy and access environment in Europe 05-10-2021 Health and Consumers
SURVEY LAUNCH: What way forward for European trade associations? 05-10-2021 Digital
Responsible sourcing: The case of batteries 01-10-2021 Energy and Environment
Lessons from COVID-19: How can we make our health systems more resilient? 30-09-2021 Health and Consumers
COP26 – Can renewed political will result in concrete actions? 30-09-2021 Climate & Environment
#EAPOLITICS TWITTER CHAT | Are Equality Bodies accessible to victims of discrimination? 29-09-2021 Politics
Is green hydrogen really carbon-neutral? 29-09-2021 Energy and Environment
Refueling aviation: The role and types of sustainable aviation fuels 28-09-2021 Transport
EU-US relations – What does a re-set mean in practice? 27-09-2021 Economy
Media Partnership - Health Access in Rural Areas: the need for a long-term vision in Europe 23-09-2021 Health and Consumers
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