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Euractiv organises policy events in Brussels and other European capitals.

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Media Partnership: Win-wind solutions in the Baltic Sea region 10-09-2024 Energy and Environment
Quantum technologies - How can we lead in the industries of the future? 11-09-2024 Technology
Media Partnership - Ensuring Resilience in the European Energy Transition 24-09-2024 Energy and Environment
Media Partnership - Smart siting: Unlocking Europe's Solar and Wind Potential 24-09-2024 Energy and Environment
EU-US trade relations – What does the future hold? 17-10-2024 Economy

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Past events

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Media Partnership - How to master Europe's digital infrastructure needs? 12-06-2024 Technology
EU-Kazakhstan relations - What are the drivers for increased economic and trade cooperation? 05-06-2024 Global Europe
EU agrifood policy - Navigating the next mandate 04-06-2024 Agriculture and Food
EU’s climate action - What's the way forward? 29-05-2024 Energy and Environment
Building a sustainable future - The revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 23-05-2024 Energy and Environment
#eaAgrifood Twitter Space I Upcoming EU Mandate: What Are the New Agrifood Priorities? 23-05-2024 Agriculture and Food
Media Partnership - CODE Talks: A More Competitive Europe Starts with Open Digital Ecosystems 22-05-2024 Technology
Power-to-heat - How can it decarbonise district heating? 15-05-2024 Energy and Environment
Media Partnership - Regional Revitalization: Transformative Power of Investment in Rural and Post-Industrial Areas Across Europe 14-05-2024 Economy and Jobs
A roadmap to EU forest resilience - Tackling climate change and forest disturbances 08-05-2024 Energy and Environment
Revival of EU Single Market - Defining the road ahead 06-05-2024 Economy
#eaGreenEU Twitter Chat: Climate impact on European forests - How to increase their resilience? 30-04-2024 Energy and Environment
Partenariat Média - Les rencontres européennes de la Fepem : l’emploi à domicile à l’heure des élections 22-04-2024 Economy and Jobs
Organic farming in the EU - What role for a greener Europe? 18-04-2024 Agriculture and Food
Media Partnership - Sustainable Health for Sustainable Growth: A Roadmap for European Policy 18-04-2024 Health and Consumers
Hydropower - Enhancing Storage and Flexibility for a Greener Future 17-04-2024 Energy and Environment
Media Partnership: From Resources to Resilience: Unpacking the Role of Raw Materials for Security, Sustainability and Prosperity 17-04-2024 Energy and Environment
Media Partnership - Powering Tomorrow, Inspiring Today: Nuclear Energy 2.0 11-04-2024 Energy and Environment
EVENT CANCELLED - Time to act: Plugging into the Green Deal. A new energy policy agenda fit forEuropeanconsumersMediaPartnership 10-04-2024 Energy and Environment
Media Partnership - Beneath the Surface: The Essential Role of Generic Medicines in Ensuring Supply Security in Europe 10-04-2024 Health and Consumers
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