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EURACTIV organises policy events (hybrid, virtual, in-person) in Brussels and other European capitals.

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The year of skills - Is a digitised Europe learning what it takes to compete globally? 27-03-2023 Digital
[POSTPONED] Media Partnership: #Media4Europe - Marketplace for Innovation Funding 30-03-2023 Technology
Probiotics in Europe - How can better regulation strengthen the knowledge of probiotics for consumer health? 24-04-2023 Health and Consumers
Participatory Budgeting: How can it strengthen democracy and empower communities in the EU? 25-04-2023 Politics
The 'Sustainable Use of Pesticide Regulation' - Navigating the path to a greener EU 26-04-2023 Agriculture and Food
Building a competitive Europe - What can the EU Swedish Presidency do? 27-04-2023 Economy
Technological advances in healthcare - The key to fighting health inequalities? 03-05-2023 Health and Consumers

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Past events

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On-the-ground reporting - Can it help to combat Russia’s disinformation war? 22-03-2023 Global Europe
Electricity Market Design – How can the system benefit from investments in flexibility? 22-03-2023 Energy and Environment
CO2, H2 and O2 - Cornerstones of the energy transition? 21-03-2023 Energy and Environment
Media Partnership - EU Green Deal Industrial Plan: accelerating decarbonisation to reach net zero 21-03-2023 Energy and Environment
Learning from the Sun to decarbonise Europe’s power with fusion energy 20-03-2023 Energy and Environment
Media Partnership - Women in the agri-food industry 08-03-2023 Agriculture and Food
The Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation – The role of closed loop circularity 28-02-2023 Energy and Environment
#EAGREENEU TWITTER CHAT | Forestry and Climate Change 23-02-2023 Energy and Environment
EU Energy transition - What role for critical raw materials? 08-02-2023 Energy and Environment
Energy transition paths - What has the war in Ukraine changed? 08-02-2023 Energy and Environment
Restoring the Earth’s lungs - How can forests support climate change mitigation? 08-02-2023 Climate & Environment
Empowering consumers for a successful green transition 07-02-2023 Agriculture and Food
Comment le nouveau gouvernement français envisage-t-il la mise en œuvre d'une PAC efficace ? 06-02-2023 Agriculture and Food
Mercosur Trade Agreement - Will 2023 be the year it is finally ratified? 31-01-2023 Economy and Jobs
Media Partnership - The Future of Data Flows and the Impact for Europe 25-01-2023 Technology
Media Partnership - Decarbonizing the aviation sector: Aeroporti di Roma presents an Italian best practice 24-01-2023 Transport
Democratic Values in the Digital Age - How can tech companies reinforce and strengthen European democracy? 14-12-2022 Politics
Media Partnership - ''Q&A guide on promoting cybersecurity for SMEs in Europe'' 08-12-2022 Digital
Empowering consumers in the green transition - The potential of digital solutions for waste collection and product labelling 06-12-2022 Energy and Environment
#EAAGRIFOOD TWITTER SPACE | READY, STEADY, CAP! 06-12-2022 Agriculture and Food
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