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Media Partnership: Beyond Brexit - Redefining the Relationship Between the EU and the UK


Media Partnership: Beyond Brexit - Redefining the Relationship Between the EU and the UK

While the UK may have left the EU and its single market, the future relationship between these two global economies is still not fully defined. From the practicalities of putting the last minute trade agreement into practice to the future for financial services, it is a crucial time for the EU and the UK to redefine their relationship and build a new cross-channel partnership.

To discuss the challenges and opportunities that the situation provides, Kekst CNC is hosting an online event with media partner EURACTIV on Friday, May 28th at 09:15-10:30am CET.

The expert panel of former Commissioner, Günther H. Oettinger, former Director of Communications at No 10 Downing Street, Sir Robbie Gibb and European Parliament Vice President, Roberta Metsola (MEP) will provide their insights about what they feel needs to be done to make the new realities work for businesses across both jurisdictions.

This will include addressing the following key questions:

- Is the EU–UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement a good deal or a bad deal? How can it be improved?
- Divergence or continued alignment? Where is it in the UK’s and EU’s interest to remain aligned and where will divergence be possible and potentially desirable?
- The importance of influence: How can the EU and UK continue to cooperate to ensure long-term shared interests are best protected? What role can multi-nationals play?

The discussion will be moderated by Ben Fox, Brexit and Opinion Editor at EURACTIV.

Please register for the event using the link below. After clicking on the link, please select "Event Status: Register" and enter your details. Upon successful registration, you will receive a calendar invitation with a dial-in link.






Roberta Metsola (MEP), European Parliament Vice President
Günther H. Oettinger, former Commissioner for Budget & Human Resources and Member of Kekst CNC’s Global Advisory Board
Sir Robbie Gibb, former Director of Communications Downing Street and Senior Advisor at Kekst CNC


Benjamin Fox, Brexit and Opinion Editor, EURACTIV


09:15 - 10:30 CET


Ana Alexandrescu