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Media Partnership - AI governance and compliance: a call to action


Media Partnership -  AI governance and compliance: a call to action


In the ever-evolving landscape of AI governance, organizations are now presented with a powerful motivator—the upcoming EU AI Act proposal. The looming threat of fines, including penalties of up to 7% of annual turnover, forces organizations to take action, as the AI Act mandates better AI governance and seeks a balance between innovation and protecting fundamental rights.

Esteemed panelists from the industry, policy, and standardization fields will attend this webinar bringing their valuable perspectives and insights to the table. Intellera and Modulos will offer an early view of available tools and methodologies to navigate and comply with AI governance. To assess and mitigate the risks of AI and ensure that data science practices are strictly linked to AI governance, regulatory frameworks are dissected into requirements and controls where practitioners can operate providing evidence of their fulfilment at each stage of the AI lifecycle.

Beyond compliance, ensuring good governance of AI applications indeed strengthens the reputation the organization enjoys among its customers, increasing the components of trust, reliability, and security of AI applications.

Drawing parallels to the transition triggered by the GDPR, we find that organizations often lack the know-how to develop competent AI resources within the stringent 24-month timeframe imposed by the Act. This webinar offers guidance in this complex transition: given the right processes, organizations can meet regulatory requirements, foster innovation and uphold their reputation in the landscape of AI governance.

Organised by: Intellera Consulting & Modulos
Media Partner: Euractiv





Yannick Spill, Senior Data Scientist – EFSA
Jurg Schelldorfer, Lead Actuarial Data Scientist – Swiss Re
Andreas Hauschke, AI Ethics lead – VDE
Sara Mancini, Senior Manager – Intellera Consulting
Kevin Schawinski, Co-founder and CEO – Modulos


Jennifer Baker


14:30 – 14:33 Short introduction by the moderator
14:33 – 14:40 Short presentation by Intellera and Modulos
14:40 – 15:35 Panel session
15:35 – 15:45 Final statements


Ana Alexandrescu