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How can the European Democracy Action Plan empower citizens and build more resilient democracies across the EU?


How can the European Democracy Action Plan empower citizens and build more resilient democracies across the EU?

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In a healthy and thriving democracy, citizens should be able to freely express their views, choose their political leaders, and have a say about their future. Democracy in the EU faces challenges from rising extremism, election interference, the spread of manipulative information, and threats against journalists. The European Democracy Action Plan is designed to empower citizens and build more resilient democracies across the EU by promoting free and fair elections, strengthening media freedom, and countering disinformation.

When presenting the plan in December 2020, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said: “With the digital revolution under way, citizens must be able to make choices where views can be expressed freely. Facts have to be distinguished from fiction, and free media and civil society must be able to participate in an open debate, free from malign interference. Therefore the EU is taking action to make our democracies in the EU more resilient.”

These measures will be implemented throughout this Commission’s mandate. In 2023, a year ahead of the next European elections, the Commission will review the implementation of the action plan.

Technology is widely perceived as having both positive and negative impacts on democracy. Technology has the power to protect and promote democratic institutions and values rather than undermine them. For technology companies to have a positive impact, industry must reflect on its roles and obligations to democratic societies above and beyond the letter of the law.

Join this EURACTIV Hybrid Conference to discuss the direction of European democracy and the role for tech and the private sector in preserving and advancing democratic norms.

- How can the tech industry and the private sector best align with the European agenda to counter disinformation and empower citizens to make informed decisions?
- What more does the private sector need to do proactively to achieve the aims of the EDAP?
- What new obligations should and will exist as a result of the EDAP?

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Microsoft Center
Rue Montoyer 51, 1000 Brussels


Daniel Braun
Deputy Head of Cabinet of Vice-President Vera Jourová, European Commission

Krisztina Stump
Head of Unit, Media Convergence and Social Media, DG Connect, European Commission

Andris Gobins
Member, European Economic and Social Committee

Alexandrina Najmowicz
Secretary General, European Civic Forum

Cornelia Kutterer
Senior Director, EU Government Affairs, AI, Privacy and Digital Policies, Microsoft


Mariam Zaidi
Journalist, EURACTIV


17:00 - 17:30 Registration
17:30 - 17:35 Welcome
17:35 - 17:55 Panellist statements
17:55 - 18:40 Discussion and Q&A
18:40 - 18:45 Closing statements


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