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EURACTIV organises policy stakeholder events in Brussels and other European capitals.

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Underlying analysis for EU legislation – Do climate models support the Commission's policy choices? 09-12-2021 Transport
Media Partnership - How clean are Europe’s food supply chains? The case of Spanish pork 14-12-2021 Agriculture and Food
[POSTPONED] Media Partnership: European Health Union – not a wishful thinking, but reflection of real concerns of Europeans 16-12-2021 Health and Consumers
Due diligence and responsible sourcing: Can a common approach for all sectors work? 02-02-2022 Climate & Environment

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Past events

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EU taxonomy for sustainable activities – Should nuclear energy be left out? 08-12-2021 Energy and Environment
Energy poverty: How to reduce inequalities? 08-12-2021 Energy
The European Green Deal - How does it impact EU food and drink SMEs? 07-12-2021 Agriculture and Food
Between Farm and Fork: The role of innovative ingredients and food technology in achieving F2F objectives 06-12-2021 Agriculture and Food
How can SMEs thrive post-pandemic in a digitalised world? 30-11-2021 Digital
Landwirtschaftliche Entwicklung im Europäischen Aufbauplan in Deutschland 29-11-2021 Agriculture and Food
Media Partnership - Cooperativism and the ESG Agenda 25-11-2021 Agriculture and Food
Media Partnership - Options for a sustainable Irish transport system: how to achieve carbon neutrality? 24-11-2021 Transport
On the road to a greener economy in Kazakhstan – How can the EU help? 23-11-2021 Energy and Environment
Discrimination in Europe in times of COVID - How to combat it? 17-11-2021 Human rights
Media Partnership: Healthy soils for sustainable agriculture 17-11-2021 Agriculture and Food
Fit for 55: How to deliver ambitious climate targets while protecting consumers? 16-11-2021 Energy and Environment
The role of electrolytic hydrogen in the clean energy transition 15-11-2021 Energy and Environment
Media Partnership: Leading-edge semiconductors: a cornerstone for Europe’s digital future 10-11-2021 Digital
Working towards a stronger Circular Economy – How much regulation is needed? 09-11-2021 Climate & Environment
Media Partnership - Cracking the decarbonization code: How to put buildings at the core of the Fit for 55 package? 09-11-2021 Energy and Environment
Policy Dialogue: Can Glyphosate play a role in achieving greater biodiversity? 04-11-2021 Agriculture and Food
Zero carbon brewing and beverages - How can stakeholder co-operation achieve it? 29-10-2021 Agriculture and Food
Metastatic Breast Cancer - How can we improve care for patients and survivors? 28-10-2021 Health and Consumers
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