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Digital evidence: Europe’s fragmented crime scene


Digital evidence: Europe’s fragmented crime scene

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The fight against crime has increasingly required the collection of digital evidence across borders, but prevailing rules of international legal assistance are not suited for the digital age.

The economic impact of cyber-crime rose fivefold from 2013 to 2017, and the European Commission believes it could rise by a factor of four by 2019. 87% of Europeans regard cyber-crime as an important challenge to the EU's internal security.

The European Council has requested a legislative proposal to modernize the EU framework in this area, and a transatlantic agreement is also needed.

However, the current state of the law causes confusion and mistrust. This mistrust has a clear impact on law enforcement, data protection, and digital economy interests of Europe.

Join us for a lively audience discussion where we will discuss these issues, and ask:
- How can an EU legal framework in this area enhance law enforcement efforts and enhance the privacy rights of individuals?
- What is the impact on the EU digital economy if the rule of law remains fragmented in this area?
- Can a revised EU framework help pave the path towards a transatlantic agreement to cooperate on law enforcement efforts to access digital evidence?

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Microsoft Center
Rue Montoyer 51, 1000 Brussels


Cathrin Bauer-Bulst, Deputy Head of Cybercrime Unit at the EU Commission - DG Migration & Home Affairs;
Prof. Dr. Vanessa Franssen, Assistant professor at University of Liège; Affiliated Senior Researcher at KU Leuven;
John Frank, Vice President of EU Government Affairs, Microsoft
Markko Kunnapu, Adviser, Criminal Policy Department, Estonian Ministry of Justice


17:30 - 20:30