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Media Partnership: Europe 2022 - Towards A Competitive Europe


Media Partnership: Europe 2022 - Towards A Competitive Europe


Germany’s leading media Der Tagesspiegel, DIE ZEIT, Handelsblatt, WirtschaftsWoche together with EURACTIV invite you to a joint annual kick-off event “Europe 2022” from February 7th through 9th, 2022, where we want to discuss which challenges we need to tackle in Europe after the pandemic. The focus will be put on several questions: How can we strengthen our democracies? How can digitalization be accelerated and the continent’s digital sovereignty be achieved? How can the European Single Market be enhanced and how can we reach our goals to protect the climate? How can Europe find and strengthen its role in a constantly changing world order with a stronger China and changing international alliances?

With Europe 2022, we offer a participatory, digital European platform where we want to debate these important issues with dedicated Europeans.

Join us as we discuss with leading decision-makers from politics, business and academia how the European project can make economic and socio-political progress in 2022 and maintain its position in the world.


ORGANISERS: This event is a joint initiative of Der Tagesspiegel, DIE ZEIT, Handelsblatt and WirtschaftsWoche organized by Convent – an affiliate of the ZEIT Publishing Group.





A full list of speakers can be seen here.


A full list of moderators can be seen here.


The opening ceremony starts at 9:30 on the 7th of February 2022. The last panel finishes at 19:00 on the 9th of February 2022.

The full programme of the conference can be seen here.


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