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Euractiv organises policy events (hybrid, virtual, in-person) in Brussels and other European capitals.

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Media Partnership - Resilient Europe: A Playbook for Future European Economic Competitiveness

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Renate Nikolay
Deputy Director General, DG CONNECT, European Commission

Axel Voss MEP
Member JURI Committee, European Parliament

Miapetra Kumpula-Natri MEP
Member INTA Committee, European Parliament

Anna-Michelle Asimakopoulou MEP
Vice-Chair INTA Committee, European Parliament

Ibán García del Blanco MEP
Member JURI Committee, European Parliament

Luciana Tomozei Schwandt
Head of the Global Affairs and Sectoral Policies Division, European Investment Bank

Hendrik Bourgeois
Vice President, European Government Affairs, Intel Corporation


Jason Oxman
Global President and CEO, ITI


12:30 - 13:00 Registration of participants
13:00 - 13:05 Welcome
13:05 - 13:15 Panellist statements
13:15 - 14:25 Discussion and Q&A
14:25 - 14:30 Closing statements

Followed by a light networking lunch