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Euractiv organises policy events (hybrid, virtual, in-person) in Brussels and other European capitals.

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The 'Sustainable Use of Pesticide Regulation' - Navigating the path to a greener EU

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Michèle Rivasi MEP
Member SANT Subcommittee, European Parliament

Diana Lenzi
President, The EU’s young farmers association (CEJA)

Paula De Vera
Senior Policy Advisor, COPA-COGECA

Dr Martin Dermine
Executive Director, Pesticide Action Network

Jennifer Lewis
Executive Director, International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association


Julia Dahm


09:30 – 09:35 Welcome
09:35 – 09:50 Panellist statements
09:50 – 10:40 Discussion and Q&A
10:40 – 10:45 Closing statements