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Waste-Based Biodiesel in RED II


Waste-Based Biodiesel in RED II

In an effort to decarbonise the transport sector, the EU has revised the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II). The debate has now focused on the successful implementation of the directive by EU Member States having as a primary objective the best possible reduction of greenhouse gas and carbon emissions in EU transport.

The issue of feedstock availability and competition between different technologies (small waste biodiesel producers and large HVO refineries) has taken centre stage, and the debate has intensified further following recent evidence of fraud in the Netherlands.

The EU waste-based biodiesel industry says that the use of feedstocks in part B of annex IX in RED II (used cooking oil – UCO - and animal fats) is the most cost-effective way to reduce carbon emissions in the existing car fleet given their high GHG savings as established in the RED II. Many industry sources argue that UCO and animal fats are amongst the most highly regulated commodities in the world in terms of both traceability of the value chain and GHG performance.

In response to concerns resulting from the Dutch case, industry says it is working intensively to further improve supply-chain checks and controls and to develop new UCO testing methods.

- What is the environmental footprint of biodiesel derived from UCO and animal fats?
- To what extent can EU Member States go beyond the 1.7% flexible limitation for the use of feedstocks in part B of annex?
- Would the 1.7% flexible cap be justified amid improved certification schemes and additional transparency measures?
- What can the EU waste-based biofuel industry do in practice to increase transparency in the sector?
- What’s happening with the support to use renewable fuels in aviation (HVO technology)?

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