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A healthy European media sector: priorities for 2019-24


A healthy European media sector: priorities for 2019-24

Following the EU Elections in May, it will be clear if online platforms were used to influence the outcome. Newly elected MEPs will have the opportunity to review the future strategy of the EU media sector, ensuring its sustainability and support to democracy.

The current EU priority of a ‘’Digital Single Market’’ has not prevented disinformation and populism, nor the demise of many media. More can be done. Now is a chance to propose a new “top 10 priority" that MEPs and the incoming Commission can support. It could be endorsed by the next President and then re-emphasised at the Commissioners’ hearings. A draft formulation of this priority could be: Democracy in a digital world: sound platforms and independent media.

The EU can facilitate the ecosystem of platforms, media sector and advertising. This will help level the playing field and safeguard the right to expression.

Europe’s media sector is facing unprecedented challenges. The credibility and viability of quality journalism, and the sustainability of the media sector as a whole are at stake:

- What are the lessons learned from the 2014-2019 mandate?
- Did the EU Elections campaign provide new insights?
- How can policymakers best regulate the platforms? Is a 'carrot' or 'stick' approach more desirable?
- What role can the online platforms play to contribute to a healthy EU media sector?
- If public trust in the media sector is destroyed, what are the implications for the EU’s social fabric?
- Which policy mix is required for 2019-2024?


Nathalie Bargues
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Teresa Dominguez
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European Parliament
Rue Wiertz 60, 1047 Brussels

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Bruno Le Maire, French Minister of Economy and Finance
Andrus Ansip, Commissioner for Digital Single Market

Ann Mettler, Head of the European Political Strategy Centre
Lionel Barber, Editor, Financial Times

PANEL 1 (TBC) – Media ecosystem: balancing media /ads / platforms

Hosting MEP
Peter Limbourg, Director General, Deutsche Welle (DW)
Monique Goyens, Director General, European Consumer Organisation (BEUC)
Media strategic partner

PANEL 2 (TBC) – Media funding: innovation / skills / transparency

Siegfried Muresan MEP, European Parliament
Claire Bury, Deputy Director-General, DG CNECT, European Commission
Ludovic Blecher, Head of Google DNI Innovation Fund - News & Publishers, EMEA Partnership Solutions
Media strategic partner


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(Speakers Breakfast)
9:30 – 9:35 Welcome Address
9:35 – 9:45 Keynote Speeches
9:45 – 10:15 Panel 1 - Media ecosystem: balancing media / ads / platforms
10:15 – 10:45 Panel 2 - Media funding: innovation / skills / transparency
10:45 – 11:00 Conclusion remarks